We are hospitality and cruise operations experts and designers of world-class service programs for industry-leading brands

Why work with us? We could say “We are the best” and make you a list of promises, but we won’t do that, because the truth is, we offer you something that others can’t: a collaborative partnership where we will provide customized services to best suit what your brand needs.

We understand that your business needs are unique and we will partner with you to make sure that we are adding value every step of the way. We invest in our relationships because we know that every team we work with deserves time, patience and support. Our expertise allows us to have a forward-thinking approach where we will implement actionable solutions to ensure the growth and success of your brand.


Darragh McGillicuddy
Managing Director

With over 30 years of international experience in the luxury hospitality industry, Darragh leads our team.

Born in Ireland, and as a 3rd generation hotelier, he grew up learning tricks of the trade through a family-owned hotel business that remains one of Ireland’s leading hotels after more than 60 years in operation. He went on to study Hotel Management and International Business Studies at Shannon College of Hotel Management, before taking his skills overseas. With a career spanning three continents in positions of senior operations and corporate leadership with brands such as The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., his expertise enables him to develop and implement innovative solutions to complex business challenges. Darragh is a driven hospitality professional who inspires the team to consistently exceed expectations.

Let’s just say – he knows what he’s doing, is passionate about it, and loves to make it happen

When he’s not busy designing your brand’s next successful service program, you’ll find him out running along a coastline or mountain, or enjoying quality time with his wife Sonja and his two sons, Joshua and Luca.

Heather Cradock
Manager, Strategic Projects

With over ten years’ experience in the hospitality industry, Heather is passionate about service. This experience has taught her to use initiative, creativity, and organisational skills to effectively manage projects. With experience in a variety of positions, from Front of House to Yacht Club Manager, Heather has developed a keen eye for the business and the importance of great service standards.

In her role as Strategic Project Manager, Heather provides critical support to our clients, ensuring seamless start-up operations, successful ship launches and projects. Heather has a natural ability with people and uses her exceptional communication and active listening skills to build strong working relationships.

You will find Heather by the water in her free time too. Whether sailing around islands, scuba diving tropical reefs or hiking to secluded waterfalls; if there is an adventure to be had, Heather will find it!

Nuhaa Boltman
Learning & Development Specialist

Nuhaa has in-depth experience in hospitality operations, organizational efficiency, and executing developmental training both in hospitality and corporate environment. Nuhaa has gained much of her experience as a leader in the operational departments at international hotel brands, as well as providing administration and execution of practical training curricula in the corporate space.

Passionate about people’s development, she is a dedicated and knowledgeable education professional with an eye for detail and delivery.

In her off time, you’ll find Nuhaa near the beach, being a true foodie or taking on her next online gaming challenge.

Abby Saayman
Operations Administrator

Abby brings a rich background of experience to her role as Operations Administrator, contributing to the smooth functioning of the company’s day-to-day operations.

In her capacity as Operations Administrator, Abby collaborates with the team to ensure the business runs smoothly and professionally. She provides support in various areas, including accounting/finance, people management, and process & project management. Abby handles tasks such as transforming technical information into user-friendly, operational documents like SOPs and Operations Manuals. Additionally, she takes on ad-hoc business administration projects, demonstrating her adaptability to various challenges.

Outside of work, Abby wears the hats of a dedicated mom to a vibrant 4-year-old and a passionate dog lover. She finds joy in spending quality moments with her loved ones, embodying a balance between professional dedication and personal fulfillment.