25 July 2022

Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

We believe if you hire the right people, anything is possible and achievable. The reward of believing in people unlocks hidden potential, not only for our business but for our clients too. Personality traits such as a positive attitude, determination, and will to succeed are mission critical – these traits are not something that can be learned but rather something that someone inherently has.

We know that experience, skills and qualifications can always be learned or earned at a later stage. A person with the right attitude and values is much more likely to succeed than someone who has the right skills, but perhaps not the right attitude. It is people who make or break an organisation. Having the right attitude enables anyone to develop any skill to accomplish any task, however, you cannot change a person and their attitude, that needs to come from them.

We’ve tried and tested it.

Our team of talent is from all walks of life, with an attitude of gratitude, focus, and determination to achieve anything we put our minds to, all working towards one common goal. Nothing is too much of an effort and every team member gets involved wherever they are needed, this is the beauty of having team members with the right attitude. It’s never about passing the buck but rather seeing how you can kill the buck, making the load lighter for every team member involved with the project. Yes, we all have our sweet spots, but that doesn’t limit the individual from trying new things. When team members are stretched beyond their comfort zones, they can learn just about anything and are often surprised by the outcome.

The proof is in the pudding.

We are currently running a project in Bali with one of the world’s leading cruise lines. The concept is to bring a current shipboard department head from the same country as the incumbents on site to conduct the training and do practical and hands-on skills training. We believe this brings authenticity and credibility to the training we want to deliver. It takes time and effort to train someone without skill, however in the long run it is far cheaper to hire the person with the right attitude and values and upskill them, than it does to train someone with experience and know-how. The one with experience will be far more resistant to doing tasks the way the business requires them to, as they often believe they know a better way. It can be more difficult for people to unlearn what they know than to teach them something they need to know.

Grow and develop your people.

We believe that once you have people with an attitude to succeed, it will be easier to nurture and grow them for what you need them for. In the same way, we believe in a two-way partnership with the client, it should be this way with your people too. As much as the business needs the employee, the employee should feel the same way towards the business. Maximum value needs to be achieved from both relationships; this is done by upskilling your people which in turn grows the individual and adds value to the business and the business needs. Attitude is King!